Hotel Pacific Rome – Restaurant & Special Occasions – The I Velieri Restaurant at Hotel Pacific Rome can be perfect for anything from a romantic meal to your own special event.

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Restaurant & Special Occasions

Rome has a way of keying the appetites of its visitors – appetites for art, for pleasure, for history, and mostly for spectacular food. After a day cruising along the Tiber or exploring Trastevere, you might come home hungrier than a lion at the Colosseum.

All you’ll want is to sit back, relax, and savor a delicious meal in the great Roman Tradition. That’s why we are so proud of I Velieri, not just a hotel restaurant in Rome, but a real Roman dining room in the old fashioned sense, as well as a function room.

And just as you might hold a family event or a birthday party in your dining room at home, we welcome you to do the same at Hotel Pacific Rome.

I Velieri doubles as one of the finest event facilities in Rome. If you need to put on a wedding, birthday party, family, reunion, business conference, or other special event in Rome, we’d love to help. We’ll even take care of the catering!

Hotel Pacific Breakfast Room

Our resident chef knows how to take care of his diners with a blend of traditional cuisine – the pastas and pizza you come to Italy expecting to find the best of – and unexpected treasures that haven’t reached the menus of restaurants in America or northern Europe. Wash it down with a delicious glass of world famous wine from Umbria or Tuscany, or if you feel like something stronger, visit our fully stocked hotel bar – one of Rome’s finest.

You can visit I Velieri from right at home by visiting the Photo Gallery, Virtual Tour, and Video Tour pages right now! Or check it out in person by booking your stay today!

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